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Freight forwarding

International freight forwarding involves transportation of stock from one part of the world to another as cost effectively and swiftly as possible.
Freight movement is a crucial factor to the seamless running of international trade due to the fact that the freight forwarder is responsible for selecting the best options and managing their customers distribution requirements.

NFive UK Express has nearly 25 years experience in freight forwarding, coming from the most senior level with our chairman Salim Lorgat, who owned and ran nFive UK Express with great responsibility through all this time.
We are able to handle any requirement from any location you may have regarding freight forwarding with particular expert knowledge in the UK due to the strategic alliance of NFive UK Express, which has offices in whole of UK.


NFive UK Express offers a series of benefits including:

  • Same Day courier service anywhere in UK
  • Daily consolidations and services
  • UK overnight pallet delivery services, catering for time sensitive freight consignments
  • Ability to liaise directly with suppliers and the flexibility to react to changes in production criteria
  • Freight co-ordinator appointed to provide daily updates to the Account Manager
  • Whatever courier, transportation or distribution service you require from NFive UK Express, you can feel confident we can transport your commercial or individual consumer freight with minimised cost and maximum efficiency


Contact NFive UK Express and discuss the best options for freight forwarding, movement and distribution services, be it by today, tomorrow or anytime.

Just give us a call on 0800 8046647 or e-mail us at nfiveuk@gmail.com

For further information or to arrange your Same Day parcel delivery. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.